Why You Keep Failing With Your Diet

Weight loss self hypnosis and subliminal MP3s.

If you are currently thinking how to lose weight for the summer, or how to build a better body this year, you are certainly not alone. Millions of others are doing the same thing at the exact same time. The fact is, however, most of them will fail.

We all want instant results and sometimes we get lost in marketing hype or over complicated miracle procedures rather than noticing the foundations first.

Fat loss is not rocket science. This is a lucrative industry because there are people waiting around every corner to sell you their must have product, their next big thing. If you keep falling for it they will keep doing it.

Before you try any products or tried jumping into the finer details of nutrition you need to lay down the basics.

Most people neglect the top rule of fat loss, which is using a calorie deficit. So what do we mean? Simply eating less than you do now, that’s all. See, it’s not as complicated as some make out…

That’s common sense, however, and the part where people mainly go wrong is figuring out how many carbohydrates, fats and protein to consume each day. This is where they feel things are too complicated for them to follow so instead they look for pre-made, ready-to-follow diet scripts instead of looking after themselves. Most of those diets cut out carbs and fats completely, leading to yo-yo dieting.

A proven split such as the 4-4-2 system, which comprises of 40% carbohydrates, 40% protein and 20% fats, is a great system to use.

We are also going to give you a couple of extra tips to enable you to enjoy continuous results. Snacking on protein is also a great factor when it comes to fat loss, because it impacts your body’s storage cells far less than either of the other nutrients.

The most important rule, however, is perhaps one which you are least expecting. Take a day off every single week and eat what you want. By doing this you will stop yourself falling into the same old routine of crashing off your diet every month.

The next time a friend asks you for tips on how to lose weight you know what to tell them now. Implement these tips and you will see results whether it’s fat loss you want or even learning how to build muscle.

Weight loss self hypnosis and subliminal MP3s.

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