What is a Subliminal Program?

A subliminal self help program is a highly focused message for change, embedded into something like music; subliminal self help is intended to avoid the doubting, critical and self sabotaging nature of your own conscious mind. Subliminal self help messages are able to avoid the critical nature of your own thoughts, and it’s assumed subliminal self help is comprehended and implemented easily by the subconscious.

subliminal perception

In one 1974 experiment, Dixon and Henley studied laterality differences as a contributing variable in auditory subliminal perception. By concealing their subliminal self help messages in music, they discovered that their test subjects reported cognition of the subliminal self help words significantly more often than control subjects did. The experiment group also could distinguish between the subliminal self help words and other words on a list.

The Dixon and Henley results were repeated in 1979 by Daves and Mykel, both using music, and without music. Results not using music were ambiguous; this led the researchers to believe that the type of music used influenced the responses more than the subliminal self help message itself did. In 1990, Benes and his colleagues discovered that using delicate, mellow music produced better results than fast, frantic music.

The music chosen to use with the subliminal suggestions contained in the subliminal self help programs on this website is more than just music; the subliminal programs also use binaural beats and isochronic tones designed to deliver the subliminal messages more deeply into your subconscious mind. The profound healing sounds of Tibetan Singing Bowls, flowing water, Chakra tones and Solfeggio frequencies are also used to boost and increase your success in creating positive change in your life.

Although science has not definitively proven or disproven the validity of subliminal self help, believers in the power of subliminal self help claim that the ability to avoid the critical nature of the conscious mind is extremely useful, and therefore, subliminal self help is potentially more effective than ordinary self help suggestions. The subliminal self help messages contained in our programs are identical to the corresponding self hypnosis programs, without the hypnotic relaxation induction. If your conscious mind resists and negates the ideas and habit changes that would benefit you, or if you have a tendency towards resistance and self sabotage, subliminal self help programs may be for you!

How Do We Create Our Subliminal Programs?

To achieve our subliminal perception programs, we use special software that raises the sound frequency of the subliminal script to a level that is not perceptible to the conscious mind, but will be fully percieved and understood by the subconscious mind. (Think in terms of a “dog whistle”.) The theory is, that the sound pulses of the words follow a pattern that your ears and body will recognize, even though it is not consciously heard. (Imagine the sound “touching” your body, like how you can feel the beat of a drum. Your body will understand the “feel” of the words.)

We hope you will give our subliminal self help programs a try! All you have to lose is the bad habits that have been holding you back!