Theta Healing Brainwaves Binaural Beat MP3

binaural beat theta brainwave mp3Theta Healing Brainwaves: Binaural Beat Theta Meditation For Stress Relief & Spiritual Healing
37 minute Binaural Beat Program, Headphones Required.

Studies have shown that meditation can result in a relief of stress, better health and a sense of mental calm and balance. Studies show that during meditation, a greater quantity of the slower Theta brainwaves are present. The Theta brainwave state may also be conducive to astral projection and out of body experiences. This simple to use MP3, with Theta Binaural Beats imbedded in the meditative tones of Tibetan Singing Bowls, can help even an inexperienced person meditate at a deeper level, and experienced meditators may experience a new depth and clarity of focus. This program is designed to be used with headphones.

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