A TENS Machine Can Offer Pain Relief

tensChronic pain can be managed effectively in many instances by electrotherapy. Typically, chronic pain is caused by an accident or injury. It can also be the result of a chronic illness. It can be found in virtually any area of the body; however, some common areas are the back, knee, and shoulder. A Tens Machine can be highly beneficial to those dealing with chronic pain.

A TENS unit is a machine that utilizes miniscule amounts of electric current. The abbreviation stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. The machine transmits these gentle currents through electrodes that are positioned on the individual’s skin. This type of therapy specifically focuses on the area in which the person’s pain is worst.

These units are frequently recommended by individuals who work at pain clinics. There use is also often recommended by sports coaches, physical therapists, and other healthcare practitioners. The individual’s pain is typically relieved at once when the unit is attached, and it can be used intermittently or continuously. Most individuals experience dramatic relief from their symptoms when utilizing such a device.

TENS units send electric impulses to the nerves underneath the patient’s skin. The area in which the electrodes are placed is where the nerves will receive the most stimulation. In numerous instances, pain sensations stop completely or abruptly decrease when the unit is in use.

The level of pain relief experienced varies significantly from one individual to the next, depending on the therapy mode selected, the cause of the person’s pain, and the length of time for which the machine is used. For numerous individuals, relief extends far beyond the period of time the device is in use, which many patients find highly beneficial. In rare cases, the relief will only last while the machine is attached.

Transcutaneous electric nerve stimulators can offer the benefits outlined above when used in a medical facility or in the user’s own home. The patient can adjust the frequency to a level that suits him or her. High-frequency or low-frequency stimulation can be selected, depending on what one’s doctor recommends, and his or her individual preferences. It is often necessary to try different settings prior to finding the most effective one.

High frequency stimulation is known as traditional. An individual can typically tolerate it for extended periods of time; however, the pain relief only lasts for a short time after the machine is turned off. Low-frequency stimulation is usually tolerable for only half an hour at a time, as it can be a bit uncomfortable. However, it provides pain relief for a longer period of time.

Common therapies for long-term pain treatment include both prescription and nonprescription drugs. Such options are not only expensive, but are often associated with negative side effects, including dizziness, sleepiness, and tolerance. A TENS unit on the other hand, offers relief for all types of chronic pain, including sciatica, tendinitis, joint inflammation, osteoarthritis, and back pain without the use of drugs. Therapy of this type is also cost-effective, making it perfect for essentially anyone who suffers from chronic pain.

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