How to Stop Worrying and Get a Better Night’s Sleep

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Most sleep researchers say the “magic” amount of sleep is seven to nine hours a night. But in reality, most Americans do not even get seven hours of sleep a night, and this lack of sleep affects our lives.

67% of women say they frequently experience a sleep problem.
60% say they only get a good night’s sleep a few nights per week or less
43% say that daytime sleepiness interferes with their daily activities

In fact, this lack of sleep is causing women (and many men) to be late for work, feel stressed out, feel too tired for sex, and very little energy for their friends. As many as one in 10 Americans have chronic insomnia, and at least one in four has problems sleeping occassionally. Insomnia includes not only problems falling asleep, but also waking up during the night, or waking up too early. read more