Eight Guided Meditation Instructional MP3s, Enhanced with Relaxing Sound Therapy


Energy Medicine & The Soul of Healing: Guided Energy Awareness Meditation for Beginners
8 Guided Meditation Instructional MP3s, enhanced with relaxing sound therapy, includes transcripts for each lesson

Vibrational Reiki Master and Sound Energy Healer Dr. Jane Ma’ati Smith takes you step by step through a life-changing series of eight meditation classes, designed to utilize not only your body’s natural streams of energy but to also use the energies of the Earth and the Cosmos to provide a very real and powerful physical, emotional and spiritual cleansing. This program is enhanced with sound therapy techniques, that go beyond music, to relax and deepen your experience. Mastering these simple techniques will not only free up your energy to heal you, body mind and soul but will also provide a profound sense of spiritual independence and protection. read more