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Serenity is a state of profound peacefulness, of inner peace, where the mind is calm, and unaffected by the external world. This high spiritual state, is felt as a sense of contentment and bliss.

Human beings are different from other animal life, distinct, due to a higher intelligence, and potential for consciousness. The conscious mind sees the external world, and interprets it’s experiences and perception as emotion.

These perceptions and emotions, determine our inner balance and our internal life. Consciousness, which is influenced by our internalization of social values, also influences our internal life, and sense of inner balance. Most of the time, the inner life of the human mind is in a disturbed state, full of vague fears, petty annoyances and worries. The mind is never at peace. Chaos reigns, due to the unbalanced emotions of fear, feelings of guilt, fear and sadness. The human mind strives to achieve the right balance, the eternal quest for the ultimate goal, Nirvana, takes many paths.

Some seek refuge in the numbing effects of addictions, such as alcohol, tobacco and drugs. Others passionately drown themselves in pursuing a career, or pursuing pleasure. These pursuits, however, never satisfy the true need for tranquility. Serenity is achieved by seeking inner peace first, above all else. The most important step is to recognize the inner child within the mind. The second step is freeing the inner child from all forms of addiction, and loving it unconditionally.

Loving yourself is the key to serenity. Take control as a conscious being, and love one’s self, yet do not be dictated by pride or self deceit. True serenity is achieved by empowering the internal life, and allowing it to reflect the external life.

Stress relief and relaxation sound healing MP3s.

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