Cause And Remedy Of, I Cant Stay Asleep

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In day to day endeavors, millions of words and phrases are used. What is intriguing is that this particular phrase “cant stay asleep” is common and is continuously uttered all over the world in different languages despite the difference in race, religion and tribes. To those humans who are speech challenged or are not with the ability to communicate yet, they portray it by actions, for example, a restless and crying baby at night who is a nuisance to those taking a break from the demanding world of tedious job routines. This together with other adverse reasons led to scientist being more concerned to look at insomnia carefully in order to find solutions.

From research, it shows that approximately 40 million Americans undergo sleeping disorders at certain stage in their life ranging from mild cases to acute ones. A sample of 1200 Americans were taken whose age ranged from 21-31. This research was conducted by Health Maintenance Organization in Michigan. It showed that 16.6% were affected by life insomnia, 8.2% by hyperinsomnia and 8% by hyperinsomnia plus life insomnia. Considering the age, the youth seem to score high which can be associated with long hours they spend on the computer. In terms of gender, women were more than the men.

A lot of efforts from government and NGOs have been put into insomnia research. Some of the institutions in the forefront of this fight are The Insomnia Center at Clayton sleep institute. This institution runs diagnosis and treatment using focused and dedicated emphasis on comprehensive care for patient suffering this condition.

From this efforts to curb this sleeping disorder, various causes have being discovered and they comprise of medical conditions e. G. Asthma, tight work schedule, inappropriate work schedule as well as anxiety brought about by various situational factors e. G. Insecurity, love, exam results in students, middle age crises etc.

Psychiatric disorders which ranges from depression, post-traumatic stress from horrific events in the human lives e. G. Accidents, rape cases, massacre are some of the fundamental areas areas that calls for urgent reviews if progress is to be attained. Some diseases such as cancer, meningitis, headaches cause a lot of pain that is associated with insomnia. If this condition is left untouched it reoccur and also cause onset of depression.

Drugs and substance abuse also play a vital role in insomnia. For example cocaine is a stimulant drug and if abused it induces euphoria which is mostly followed by depression. This drug has effect on dopamine; a chemical produced in the brain, interfering with sleep pattern. Alcohol is a widely abused drug/substance which induces abnormal sleeping pattern by interfering with neurotransmitters in the brain that regulate sleep. Other drugs include khat/miraa and marijuana.

One good news is that several ways of diagnosis and treatment have being discovered. People suffering chronic or mild insomnia are advised to improve their lifestyle and behavioral approaches to situations that can make them to have their healthy sleeping habits back. It is worth mentioning that many drugs have side effects but minor ones.

With the above stated advice, it’s highly recommended to get treatment earlier rather than later as this increases the recovery rate and less personal in the effort to discard the condition and reduced development of associate disorders.

Sound therapy MP3s for insomnia.

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