The Power Of Binaural Beats Can Change Your Life

bigstock_Enjoying_His_Music_1297447What if you could easily obtain a simple MP3 that allowed you to meditate as deeply and easily as a Zen Buddhist monk? Imagine all the benefits, physical, mental and emotional, that you could experience from a very deep meditative state. You could access and program your subconscious mind, changing your life for the better.

Binaural Beats are a cutting-edge technology, that can grant you the benefits of meditation that would otherwise take you decades to acquire!

In 1839, Binaural Beats were first discovered by Heinrich Wilhelm Dove. However it was not until 1973, when Gerald Oster published “Auditory Beats in the Brain”, that their use in cognitive and neurological research began.

Binaural beats are subtly different frequencies delivered to the left and right ear, by way of headphones. The internalized sound produced by these binaural beats can bring anyone into a deeply meditative state, in just a few minutes. Binaural Beats are created by a sound mixing technique that sends different frequency tones to each ear separately, designed to alter the listener’s brain wave activity, simply by listening with stereo headphones, closing your eyes, and relaxing.

Researchers have known for a very long time, that brainwave patterns change affect the entire body. Brain chemistry reactions occur as a direct result of brainwave patterns. Reactions in the body and brain chemistry as a result of meditation is usually profound and positive, throughout the whole physical system. Binaural beats have the same positive impact and healthful benefits of very deep meditation, since it has been shown that this sound healing technique produces exactly the same brainwaves as deep meditation. For the average person, who must spend most of their time working and dealing with family, this is great news, rather than taking a life commitment to learning deep meditation, they can achieve a deeply meditative state in just ½ an hour.

Here are some of the benefits of deep meditation:

1. Creates a deep feeling of relaxation throughout the body, which stays with you for hours.

2. Boosts your creativity.
3. Slows the aging process.

4. Removes emotional blockages, clears old traumas and creates deep emotional changes.

5. Eliminates stress and anxiety.

With all the benefits that meditation brings, it would be extremely prudent to try binaural beat MP3s. The real power behind binaural beats is that they can be used to induce a meditative state, and thus create these changes with little effort. All you need to do is wear stereo headphones, lie down comfortably, close your eyes, and allow the sound to do all the work. You only need to listen set aside less than an hour a day!

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