Overcome Self Defeating Behavior Hypnosis

self defeating behavior hypnosis mp3Overcoming Self Defeating Behavior Sound Therapy Self Hypnosis

Are you your own best friend, or your own worst enemy? Do you constantly undermine your own progress in life, with an inability to set goals, or to follow through? You can become begin to change that, right now, and set yourself on a road to self respect and success.

What makes our self hypnosis programs unique, and highly effective? We use a sound therapy technique called binaural beats, attuned to the Solfeggio tones; this particular program uses a Solfeggio tone of 396 Hz. The Solfeggio tone of 396 Hz is associated with your sense of safety, personal power, and self esteem. Binaural beats work by playing a slightly different tone into each ear, thus inducing a deep, relaxing hypnotic state automatically.

To gain the benefits of the binaural beats, you must use headphones, and it’s best to get them on the correct ears. (Right phone on right ear, left phone on left ear) It is also best to lay back and simply relax; you deserve it! Do not use any subliminal or self hypnosis program while cooking, driving, supervising small children, using machinery, or any other activity requiring your full attention.

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