New Life Experiences Trigger an Imbalance in the Root Chakra

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My cousin Jacqueline recently called me to talk about the changes in her life. A few months ago, she moved from Wisconsin to Arizona for her husband’s job. Jacqueline herself was having trouble finding a new job as a landscape architect; the landscape of Arizona was as foreign to her as the moon. Although she liked their new city and state, her new home was unfamiliar, she missed her friends in Wisconsin, she worried about adapting to the new climate and landscape, and finding work. She was so fraught with worry, she was actually making herself physically ill.

Jacqueline consulted a therapist, and her new family doctor, and each treated her problems as having a separate root cause, but looking through the lens of the chakra system, I was able to see the common root cause in Jacqueline’s issues. More importantly, I was able to suggest sound healing and meditation practices I was sure could support Jacqueline in facing each of her life challenges.

Jacqueline’s symptoms sounded like a root chakra imbalance. The recent changes in her life presented her with classic root chakra challenges, involving survival, a sense of groundedness, caring for and cleansing the body. Life changes that “pull up our roots” cause a root chakra imbalance. Traveling, fearfulness about family and finances, some people don’t need dramatic life changes to become imbalanced in the root chakra; these people live more in their heads than in their bodies, and feel ungrounded most of the time.

We experience imbalances in the root chakra when we experience when we perceive a survival crisis. To help Jacqueline feel more grounded, I had her focus on her feet, rolling a tennis ball underneath one foot, and then the other, pressing into it to help open the chakras in the feet, and stimulate the accupressure points in the feet. Once relaxed, Jacqueline put on a pair of headphones, for a 27 minute session of deeply relaxing binaural beat Solfeggio tones, attuned to the root chakra. This calmed her overactive mind, and gently encouraged her energy to reset to a more balanced state. By the end of the session, Jacqueline no longer felt so worried about her new life situation, she felt more at home in her body, and well as her new environment, and more prepared for the challenges she faced.

Addressing the energetic imbalances we experience in our chakras quickly and efficiently, can help us to succeed in overcoming the blockages which face us in our day to day experience.

Chakra balancing sound healing MP3s.

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