Lose Weight with High Beta Subliminal Binaural Beats

weight-hgh45 minute Beta Level Binaural Beat Subliminal Program

No matter how you’ve struggled to lose weight, you can do it now! This subliminal weight loss MP3 is enhanced with binaural beat brain wave technology, set at high beta frequencies and tones reputed to trigger the release of beta-endorphins, and HGH (human growth hormone) to help build lean muscle. These tones and brain wave frequencies tap into the self-healing energy that lies deep within the subconscious. In the heightened state of receptivity, the special binaural beat brain wave entrainment produces, you have the opportunity to trigger your body’s own ability to heal and regulate your metabolism. Since this program goes to a high beta/gamma brainwave frequency, you can stay alert, and use it while you go about your day. (Use common sense, do not use while driving, operating machinery, or other potentially dangerous activities.)

The word diet, is a negative word; it threatens you with the denial of food. Balance is a positive word. It makes you feel relaxed, comfortable, and alive! The real answer to your perfect weight, is in restoring your natural, physical and emotional balance. Unhealthy eating habits that do not work for you, and the extra weight, are ways of creating a sense of comfort, and a sense of feeling whole and complete. You respond this way because of stressful emotions. You can now have other ways of responding, that are healthier options than eating, you can imagine other ways of dealing with situations, and expressing emotions safely, without the need for food. Eating to fill emptiness never solved anything, it just makes you gain weight. Emotional hunger is no longer an issue. Your inner mind, knows exactly how much you need to weigh, and it can show you the right way, for all parts of your body, mind, and spirit, to work together in harmony. You can eat smaller portions of healthier food, and because you eat smaller portions of healthier food, your body will become lighter and healthier. You will have more energy, more strength, and more vitality. You can love the feeling of health, that comes from your new eating habits. Everything you eat can turn into health and beauty, into a beautiful, strong, and healthy body. Your mind and body always knows, it’s as easy, and simple, like that!

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