iPhone and iPad Users Please Read

buy-iphoneApple software does not allow for downloads outside of iTunes, directly to your hand held device. Please look for this picture with links on the titles that are available on iTunes, and click on it, instead of the Pay Pal or BitCoin buttons, to purchase and download directly from iTunes.

Also, the links from our shopping cart are not designed for streaming. You may be able to stream from those links a few times, but it will eventually fail. Please, look for the iTunes links, or follow the instructions, and download onto a laptop or desktop, then transfer the MP3s.

Once again, your iPhone or iPad will not be able to download our MP3s directly, due to the Apple software.

Unfortunately, iTunes also screens out titles which contain the words “subliminal” and “binaural”, so we were not able to list all of our titles on iTunes.

If you choose to purchase one of our MP3s through the Pay Pal buttons, you can still download our MP3s onto a regular laptop or desktop computer, using the link and password sent to your e-mail address, then you can transfer it to your Apple device via a cord.


Downloading an MP3 to my Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod, using a 3rd party app.

1. Launch the App Store from your Apple device.

2. Search “MP3 downloader,” a few will appear, but the recommended app is, “Free MP3 Downloader” by Harrison Apps.

3. Download the app, and review the tutorial.

4. Most of the MP3 free downloader apps have a universal interface consisting of: an ingrained web browser, a “Songs” radio button, a “Downloads” radio button, a “Files” radio button, and a “Playlists” radio button (these buttons will be at the bottom of the screen). With these features, the app allows you to download MP3s from the web as you can from your computer.

5. To download an MP3 with the app, you first have to use the ingrained web browser and surf the internet for an MP3 download link of a song you want or in our case, visit the Bytes Interactive download center where requested content (MP3s, movs, pdfs, & docs) is uploaded and made accessible to members.

6. Access the download center with the username and password you received. Once you aare logged into the download center, your MP3 will be accessible, and highlighted in blue as a download link.

7. On your Apple device, use the “Free MP3 Downloader”, and access the download center with the ingrained web browser of the app to access the the Download Center, and log in.

8. Tap the link for the MP3 you want to download, and the app will prompt you to confirm the download.

9. Once you accept the download, the app will show “1” in red on the top right of the “Downloads” radio button, meaning that the download has been begun. To check the status of the download, tap the “Downloads” radio button. Once the download is complete, the “1” in red will disappear, as will the download file from the Download folder.

10. The download file will automatically appear in the “Files & Songs” folder, which can be accessed by tapping on the “Files” radio button. Once in the “Files” folder, you can play or view the file by tapping it once.

11. Tap the downloaded MP3 once, and it will automatically switch over to the app’s internal media player and start playing.

12. To add the downloaded MP3 to the Playlists, you have to tap the “Playlists” radio button. Once in Playlists, tap “Add Playlist” and you will be prompted to enter a name for a playlist. Tap “done”, and the app will switch over to the Songs folder, where your downloaded MP3 will appear with a “+” next to it, tap the “+” if you want to add the song to the playlist, if not, tap “done.”

12. The downloaded MP3 can always be accessed from the “Songs” folder, and if you add the MP3 to a playlist, it can also be accessed in the “Playlists” folder.