Getting The Most Out of Self Hypnosis


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There are many benefits to using self hypnosis; it can be used to fight addictions, overcome phobias, improve confidence and self esteem, to name just a few. In fact, self hypnosis can be used to improve just about aspect of your life.

For some, self hypnosis is very easy, requiring very little effort. But others may need to experiment a bit more, to find their groove, and begin reaping the wonderful benefits of self hypnosis. This article can help you get the most out of self hypnosis.

You may need some trial and error at the beginning of your self hypnosis practice. Things like the ideal body position, or the best time of day are yours to determine, based on your situation, work schedule, and individual lifestyle. Remember, there are no fixed rules that apply to everyone. Everyone is unique, and it is up to you to find out what works for you, and how you can effectively reach an effective self hypnotic state.

However, there are a few techniques which will help you increase your success with self hypnosis, regardless of your individual needs. A pretty obvious need is for total relaxation, which requires reducing distractions and external stimuli. It’s very important to find a quiet place, that limits or completely reduces outside distractions, and a time when you’re certain you won’t be interrupted. If you have other people in your home, tell them to not disturb you,, unless of course there is an emergency.

Since hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness, the early morning may not be the best time, as you may find you’re more alert, and sensitive to distractions in the morning. Rather, pick a time of day when you’re mentally and physically slowing down, or starting to feel fatigued. For most people, self hypnosis is best practiced in the evening, preferably at bedtime.

The most useful piece of advice for a beginner is not to try too hard. Self hypnosis requires concentration, but being overly focused on the process will impair your success. Part of the self hypnosis process is the ability to just let go, and let it happen. Rather than being focused on achieving a hypnotic state, focus on nothing, and let the message on your self hypnosis recording make it’s way clearly and effortlessly, into your subconscious mind.

Using a recording is a great way to practice self hypnosis. One key factor in getting the most out of a recorded self hypnosis session is to regularly listen to it. Repetition is the key to successful self suggestion, and the more you listen to the message, the more it will penetrate and impact your subconscious.

Another important factor in getting the most out of a recorded self hypnosis session is to wear headphones, especially if the recording has binaural beats. Not only do headphones greatly reduce distractions, but they also promote a sense of intimacy between you, and the voice on the recording, by closing off outside noise, and creating a more direct route to your subconscious mind.

You will only get out of self hypnosis what you’re willing to put into it. This is true of anything we do in life. 5f you go into the practice of self hypnosis with an open mind, and you’re willing to invest the time, you can reap of benefits of self hypnosis with a better and more successful experience in your life.

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