Self Hypnosis in 30 Seconds

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There are numerous ways to achieve a deeply relaxed state of mind, one in which the body is still, the conscious mind is quiet, and the subconscious comes to the fore front.

This hypnotic state is very simply:
– Focusing your attention.
– Relaxing the body.
– Allowing unnecessary thoughts to enter, then exit, without analyzing.

Self hypnosis can be easily accomplished by the following technique; the Eye Roll Technique is an old, but powerful, way of safely entering a hypnotic trance. Find yourself in a quiet place, and either sit or lie down comfortably. Roll up your eyes, as if you were trying to look at your forehead. Allow your eyelids to slowly close, and as you do, take a deep breath and hold it. As you slowly exhale, allow your upturned eyes to return to their normal position. As you finish your exhale, enjoy the gentle, floating sensation you will experience.

At the same time, imagine your right hand is very light, like it has a helium balloon tied to it, making it rise gently. This floating sensation is a signal from your subconscious that you are entering a state of deep relaxation. As you remain in this hypnotic state of mind, offer yourself positive, healing suggestions that will help to bring about the changes you want to create in your life. Remain in this state for 10-20 minutes, that’s all you really need.

To leave the trance state, roll your eyes up behind your closed eyelids, and very slowly, allow your eyelids to open, and your eyes to focus. Next, make a tight fist with your right hand, and allow this light floating hand to drift down into a comfortable position. As your hand comes to rest, release the fist and stretch your fingers. It may take you some time to perfect this technique, especially if you are a very busy, preoccupied person. Relaxation comes more easily to some.

If you want to make positive changes in your life, this simple technique can be of great benefit. Once you have mastered this technique, you will be able to enter the hypnotic state much more easily and deeply.

Download self hypnosis MP3s.

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