HGH While You Sleep

delta brainwave HGH booster mp3Naturally Raising Your HGH Levels Deep Delta Binaural Beat Program to Stimulate HGH While You Sleep
42 minute Delta Level Binaural Beat Sound Therapy Program

Based on the research of aerospace engineer Michael Herculese, and his recommended low delta brainwave frequency of 1.01 hz, this binaural beat audio HGH session allows the listener to see if this HGH technique will work for them. The session will work to guide you to a deep Delta brainwave state of 1.01 Hz. where HGH is usually released during sleep in adults. This binaural beat HGH programs can also help you to achieve meditative states, and relieve insomnia. (This program is only to be used at a time and place where you can lay down and sleep!) THIS MP3 IS INTENDED FOR ADULTS ONLY. If you feel your child’s stature is too short or too small for their age, please seek the advice of a physician, health care professional or a nutritionist.

Use headphones, and it works best if you get them on the correct ears. The effect through headphones will bring your brain waves down to a very deep, delta level of 1.01. Listen to it during your bedtime, to induce a deep and restful sleep, while assisting your body to rejuvenate to a more youthful level.

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