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free guided meditation lessonsWelcome To Our Free Guided Meditation Class!

This free guided meditation class is broken down into eight meditation lessons- master each meditation lesson before moving onto the next. This meditation technique is very powerful, and has nothing to do with the common notion that meditation is about “sitting around cross legged, not thinking about anything”. It will engage the energies of your own body and aura for a powerful spiritual cleansing, thus clearing the way for personal growth and healing on all levels. Optional instructional Guided Meditation MP3s available in each class.

Learn to easily relax and take control of your energy! Receive an e-mail energy meditation lesson once a week for 8 weeks, plus discounts. You can view the meditation lessons here.

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View the meditation lessons now.

Meditation Lesson 1: Grounding

Meditation Lesson 2: Creating Space

Meditation Lesson 3: The Center of Your Head

Meditation Lesson 4: Separation

Meditation Lesson 5: Running Energy

Meditation Lesson 6: Creating and Destroying

Meditation Lesson 7: Present Time

Meditation Lesson 8: Problems

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