The Easy Way to Stop Drinking with Subliminal Suggestion and Ambient Sound

alcoholism subliminal isochronic tonesNo Headphones Required!

This subliminal stop drinking program uses a brainwave entrainment technique called isochronic tones, which does not require headphones. This very special MP3 is enhanced with sound therapy techniques which will help to bring your brain waves down to an Alpha level and increase SMR levels. In addition to the subliminal suggestions, the sound therapy techniques on this MP3 will also work to free you of addictive behaviors. Studies have shown that with continued use, sound therapy techniques can eventually rewire the brain to a more balanced state, with long-lasting results.

It has been shown that with continued use, isochronic tones can help to permanently calm a user’s overly active Beta brain waves. It is important for you to lay back, and try to relax into the process the best you can. As you do, you will gradually find the peace of mind that you actually crave! The therapeutic sounds on this MP3 have also been enhanced with healing Solfeggio and Earth Resonance frequencies to help bring your body and spirit back into balance.

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