Depression Self Hypnosis MP3

depression self hypnosis mp3Undoing Depression the Mindful Way, With Self Hypnosis & Binaural Beats
Headphones Required!

This is a very special MP3- it can aid you in your recovery from depression naturally, using sound and words to help rebalance your mind and spirit!

If you are currently taking medication, it would be unwise to stop suddenly; this MP3 is not a substitute for medication, but an additional aid, which can help you to recover your sense of balance, and lift your spirit!

It has been shown that depression is a slow wave disorder, meaning that the brainwaves of individuals suffering from depression exhibit lower Beta brainwaves than others. Also, it has been shown that many people with depression have right hemisphere dominance, meaning their right brain is more active than the left. The binaural beats on this MP3 may help to correct this; it is important to get the earphones on the correct sides, right side on right ear, left side on left ear.

Keep in mind, there are many different factors contributing to depression, such as life stressors, past traumas, poor diet, allergies, and genetics. The hypnotic suggestions on this MP3 will help to address some of this. Try to address some of your biological imbalances by eating as healthy as possible, and seek professional help.

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25 minute Binaural Beat Self Hypnosis Depression Android app $2.99. Click here. Download the MP3, Stream, or Buy the CD

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