Controlling Your Emotions with Self Hypnosis

headacheFeelings, feelings, and more feelings! Does your life seem to be run by your emotions? You feel wonderful, the next moment, you feel terrible, and most of time, you just feel okay. When you are feeling “on top of the world”, doesn’t it feel like you can accomplish anything? When you are feeling negative or depressed, doesn’t it feel like life isn’t worth the effort, and even if it were, you would probably fail anyways? Most of the time, you’ll find yourself somewhere in the middle, just stumbling through life, day by day. What could you accomplish if you could control your emotions, and foster any emotion you wanted?

To develop this skill, you must first understand what an emotion is. Emotions are not the masters or monsters or masters of your life, emotions are simply feelings that are created from your personal perceptions. You evoke emotions based on internal and external stimuli, that in itself is usually based on your past experience.

When you experience an emotion, it is only a feeling, triggered by your own thoughts, and these thoughts have been triggered by your memories. Depending on how you processed the situation when it first happened, these memories can be either painful or pleasant. When confronted with a similar situation in the present, your subconscious replays these memories at a conscious or unconscious level, and feeds back the emotion associated with it.

Our emotions have different names like happiness, joy, fear, pain, frustration, or anger, but there are really only two emotions; one that feels good, and one that feels bad! You are familiar with effects of feeling good or bad. You understand that when you take on a task, and feel good about it, it is much more likely to succeed than if you felt bad about it. In fact, if you are feeling are very bad, you will probably not even start a project, insuring failure.

What if you could feel good in situations, where you usually feel bad? What would that mean for your life?

Your emotional responses emanate from your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is responsible for feeding those emotions to you at a conscious level. This is why it can be almost impossible to create appropriate emotions consciously. You can’t just tell yourself to be happy, and suddenly you are filled with joy; usually, the opposite happens, as your subconscious mind reinforces the original emotion.

So how do YOU change this?

Since your emotional response resides in your subconscious mind, then you must change those emotional responses from your subconscious by reprogramming it.

So how do YOU accomplish this?

There is a way to reach into the subconscious mind, and it is easier than you think. It’s called self hypnosis. Through the use ofself hypnosis you can gain access to the subconscious mind, and begin to change the way you react emotionally to the situations in your life.

A self hypnosis recording can quickly ‘anchor’ new emotions to old memories. A memory that has bad emotional responses can be re-connected with new, positive emotions. The positive effects of self hypnosis leaves you free from old emotional responses that block you from moving forward in your life, by reprogramming your subconscious mind to feeling more hopeful, when confronted with similar situations.

The emotional response to any circumstance, situation, event or person can be changed to whatever positive emotional response you want. That is the power of self hypnosis, and the creativity of your subconscious and conscious mind. You merely need to learn a different reaction, a more positive way, through self hypnosis techniques you can learn to do at home.

There is no excuse to suffer with your negative emotions any more. You can reprogram your subconscious mind to feel any way you want. Check out the practice of self hypnosis, you may just like it!

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