Conquering Adrenal Fatigue by Changing your Lifestyle

At least once in their lifetimes, the astonishing truth is that 80 % of U.S. citizens have actually suffered from acute adrenal failure. Most of these individuals do not even know what has actually happened to them and think that they have experienced depression or a nervous breakdown. The pandemic proportions of this disorder are caused by today’s modern way of living and it is only by changing their day-to-day habits that people will be able to cure it.

Some individuals live on a very tight schedule or suffer from financial stress or from overwork. Some individuals suffer for years from relationship stress before they find the courage to change things. Lots of people try to do everything on their own, without asking for assistance from anybody, and at some point they recognize that they are not coping.

Once an individual has started experiencing adrenal fatigue they will have to avoid certain behavioral patterns for the rest of their lives. They can cure themselves by changing their way of living, by changing their eating habits and by taking natural supplements, but the minute they return to their old ways, the adrenal glands are going to have issues once again.

Among the many awful signs of adrenal fatigue is that it makes you age too soon. This occurs because the lack of hormones produced by the adrenal glands decreases the levels of the reproductive hormones that are produced by the various other glands. Since their sex hormones decrease quickly, guy and ladies age rather quickly during menopause and andropause. The same happens during adrenal fatigue. High levels of tension hinder the levels of DHEA, dehydroepiandrosterone, which is a precursor of progesterone, estrogen and testosterone. Men could take the DHEA directly as a supplement whereas clinical studies reveal that women get better results by taking progesterone and pregnenolone.

Another hormone which can be prescribed to adrenal fatigue sufferers by practitioners in alternative medicine, is a steroid called hydrocortisone. Many individuals are extremely cautious of taking steroids. Due to the fact that steroids have got a dreadful reputation, this is easy to understand why people are cautious of taking them. It is to be considered though that most of the side-effects that have actually been triggered by steroids are because of improper use. They can be made use of in complete safety if steroids are utilized in really small doses such as those prescribed for adrenal fatigue.

When going through treatment for adrenal fatigue, it is best to avoid stimulants such as caffeine. Keep in mind that tea includes caffeine as well and so it is better to avoid it too. Green tea includes lots of micro-nutrients that are healthy and contains less caffeine than normal tea, but all the same, it ought to be used in moderation. You could drink herbal infusions like chamomile, Mate and Rooibos. Nowadays there are all sorts of remarkable tasting infusions to substitute coffee with. Avoid “decaffeinated” coffee too, as it also caffeine, even if in small amounts. You can safely consume roasted barley “coffee” or chicory “coffee”. If you add milk and sugar to these blends, you will discover that they are just as pleasing as coffee.

Recovering from adrenal fatigue can be a rather time consuming process, but if you remain focused, you will succeed. Just put yourself in the frame of mind that your change in way of life will have to be long-term to avoid a relapse.

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