How Different Brainwave States Affect You

ThoughtYour brain cells and your nerve cells, fire electrical signals that oscillate in unique patterns (brainwave patterns). These distinct brainwave patterns are closely related to your ever changing emotions and thoughts, trigger the biochemistry of the brain, and are related to everything you are.

Because binaural beat and isochronic brainwave entrainment can easily manipulate these brainwaves into different mind states, as well as different states of meditation, it is helpful to understand the different brainwave frequencies, and how they influence your state of consciousness.

13-40 Hz: Beta Brainwave Frequencies are the predominant when we are fully awake and alert. It is the active awareness engaging the outer world. Beta brainwaves make up much of our conscious mind.

Beta brainwaves are negatively amplified during times of stress, anxiety, fear and worry, as well as times of depression, hunger, depression and moodiness.

Associated with excessive “mental chatter”, excessive beta brainwaves can cause insomnia.
Too much time spent in the beta brainwave state can weaken the immune system.

7-13 Hz: Alpha Brainwave Frequencies is where meditation and relaxation begins, bringing an effortless sense of harmony, peace, and tranquility. Deeply relaxed, yet wide awake, fears and phobias melt away. The alpha brainwave state is the gateway to deeper states of awareness.

Very creative people have “bursts” of alpha brainwaves when they are inspired. We encounter the wealth of effortless creativity, just beneath our conscious state, flowing effortlessly.

During the alpha brainwave state, we can process, memorize and recall large sums of information quickly, and with peak effectiveness.

Elite athletes produce alpha brainwaves prior to peak performance, while amateur athletes produce more beta brainwaves.

4-7 Hz: Theta Brainwave Frequencies come to the forefront during deeper, almost trance like meditation, often accompanied by a feeling of lightness and floating. The theta brainwave state is the doorway to the deeper subconscious and superconscious mind. Theta is experienced upon waking, or when falling asleep.

0-4 Hz: Delta Brainwave Frequencies are the deepest level of meditation, and is associated with deep, dreamless sleep. Delta is the deep unconscious and superconscious part of our mind.

Delta brainwaves are crucial state for physical and mental renewal, healing, and rejuvenation. The immune system strengthens during delta.

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