Binaural Beats – The Ultimate Self Improvement

binaural beat slef hypnosisBinaural Beats are specific sound frequencies, that can bring your mind into a profoundly deep state of meditation, within a matter of minutes, by utilizing the latest innovations in sound technology. Binaural beats require a specific sound mixing technique, in order to alter the listener’s brainwave activity. By wearing headphones, and sitting or lying down in a quiet place, binaural beats can be used to create Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta brainwave patterns.

When brainwave patterns change, there is also a change in the chemical reactions within the body; this can have a profound effect on your entire physical sense of well being. In a very practical manner, binaural beats can have the same benefits as deep meditation. Very few people can achieve such deep states of hypnotic meditation, and it can take a lifetime to perfect. With this in mind, the immediate benefits of using binaural beats are apparent.

The deep states of meditation binaural beats can create, can allow the user to access the deeper subconscious parts of the mind, the parts of the mind steeped in the subliminal, just below the conscious threshold. Binaural beats can be combined with other self improvement techniques, such as subliminal recordings, positive affirmations and visualizations, by placing you into deep states of relaxation, such as Alpha and Theta, where these new concepts can take a firm hold. Combined with these additional techniques, binaural beats can be used to quickly heal emotional issues, alter negative beliefs, or create profound behaviour changes. Binaural beats, programmed at the Gamma or Beta level, can also be used for a quick energy boost.

It is believed that by using binaural beats you can:

1. Create deep states of meditation.

2. Boost your creativity and intelligence.

3. Slow the aging process.

4. Create profound emotional changes.

5. Eliminate stress and anxiety.

The really unique aspect of using binaural beats is that they can be used to induce meditative states, and create change with little effort on the part of the user. You simply put on a pair of headphones, and let the sound healing technology do the rest.

The discovery of binaural beat technology is primarily credited to Dr. Gerald Oster. After he had conducted extensive studies, Dr. Oster first published research about his findings in the 1973 edition of Scientific American.

Although it is not as widely well known, binaural beats were in fact first discovered in 1839 by Associate Professor Heinrich Wilhelm Dove, at the University of Berlin. Professor Dove accidentally discovered that when two similar sound tones, only slightly different in frequency, are presented separately to the right and left ear, they cause a pulsation effect within the brain. But it was Dr. Oster in 1973, who discovered the full benefits of using binaural beats on the mind and body.

EEG machines have been used to monitor the brainwave activity of life long meditation practioners. While in deep meditative states, these meditation experts displayed alpha, theta and delta brainwave patterns. These are the very brainwave states that binaural beats so easily create. Alpha brainwaves occur while in a relaxed state. During this time, we are very susceptible to suggestion; this is the brainwave state that is synonimous with hypnosis. Theta brainwaves can allow for the absorption of huge amounts of information, while Delta brainwaves are most common during a state of deep, but dreamless sleep. It is the Delta brainwave state that is the primary goal of such meditative practices as transcendental meditation.

There are many producers and artists of binaural beats today. It is possible to create your own binaural beats with the proper software, but an in depth knowledge of brainwave patterns, and their effect on the mind and body, is recommended before trying to create your own. There are many forum threads across the web that claim binaural beats have had a negative or damaging effect on certain listeners, and for that reason, I believe it is safer to stick to the tried and tested recordings that are available on the internet. You can purchase binaural beat MP3s to help with nearly any problem you might have.

Binaural beats are a proven technology, that can create profound changes, altering your mood, and changing the bio-chemical reactions within your body, encouraging faster healing. You can find binaural beat MP3s to boost energy, deep meditation, creativity, and deep sleep. All these changes can happen effortlessly and easily. All you need is a pair of stereo headphones and a comfortable chair. The binaural beat MP3 does the rest.

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