The Awakened Alpha Chakra Healing Suite MP3

AlphaChakraWhat is “Alpha” meditation? Alpha brain waves operate between 8 and 13 cycles per second. This brainwave frequency occurs during day dreaming, fantasizing and creative visualization. This brainwave frequency is often associated with a deeply relaxed state, and with light trance or meditation. It can make for a very refreshing and relaxing “break” during the day, especially when times are stressful. For those new to this type of mediation, Alpha can be quite profound. We recommend starting at Alpha.

This particular program starts at a binaural beat of 20.3 (Beta) and ramps down gradually to a low Alpha beat of 7.83 then back to a beat of approximately 12-13. It progresses through all the Chakras, spending 5-7 minutes at each, starting at the Root, and going up to the Crown. Consequently, you should only use this in a time and place where it is OK to possibly fall asleep, especially if you are new to this.

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