Using Affirmations for Fear and Anxiety

Self hypnosis and subliminal MP3s to ease anxiety.

Using affirmations must be based on the moment, and it is best to repeat them to yourself out loud or write them down. Make them positive and reflective, and describe the way you want to feel. For example:

“I am not controlled by anxiety.”
“I am safe.”
“I am protected.”
“I feel calm and peaceful.”
“I enjoy my life.”
“I find life’s challenges exhilerating.”

Affirmations may be based on a behavior, a thought pattern, or a more basic principle. Affirmations are recommended when you’re feeling fearful or anxious, but many people find that starting your day with positive affirmations as a habit can be very beneficial.

For those who haven’t tried positive affirmations before, it can seem silly at first. Remember, the goal of affirmations is not to magically believe, or to expect it to cure you in an instant. The goal is to create a competing thought to the negative thoughts that you have in your mind every day.

How to Get the Most From Affirmations

Phrase your affirmations in a way that has meaning to you. Ideally, a personal affirmation is going to be much more effective than a generic one.

You need to be willing to commit to this practice, and make it a daily habit. Change does not happen overnight. Afirmations are not going to benefit you immediately, and in the beginning, you may feel uncomfortable and awkward doing it. But the habit of affirmations is something that should grow more comfortable and effective the more you use it. Also, remember, affirmations are not a cure all, just an addition to other tools you may have to cope.

Self Hypnosis as the Ultimate Affirmation Tool

Self hypnosis can be seen as the ultimate positive affirmation tool, as the positive thought patterns will more quickly imbed themselves into the subconscious mind, where change really happens. Through a process of deep relaxation and positive brainwave stimulation, affirmations can quickly become a natural part of your behavior.

Self hypnosis and subliminal MP3s to ease anxiety.

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