Adult Contemporary Headphone Free Study Music

adult contemporary isochronic adhd study music
Relax, turn up the volume, and lose yourself in the task at hand! Embedded in smooth and upbeat adult contemporary music, are sound therapy techniques that will help balance and refocus the brainwaves of those suffering from ADHD. This sound therapy program will help you to focus at workor while studying, without drugs, and while enjoying the music you love! This program is designed to speed up the brain with Beta frequencies, to help with ADD/ADHD. This program also stimulates the brain with SMR (sensory motor response).

Speeding up the brain to reduce hyperactivity may seem counter intuitive, but it is a very effective technique. ADHD is labeled a “slow-wave” condition, because of the EEG differences between a normal brain and a brain suffering from ADHD, which has an overabundance of slower brainwave patterns. You may notice a sort of “helicopter” or “trilling” sound; this is normal. That is the sound therapy frequencies at work. Just relax, forget about it, and before you know it, you will be done with your homework!

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