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-----Customer Testimonials-----

LOVE the binaural beats... Love them, love them, love them! It feels like my brain is getting massaged. I'm very much into audio and learning to do these myself... but I haven't yet managed anything as nice as the one I got from you.

Oh, and I really like what you did with the Science of Getting Rich book. I'm homeschooling my son, and we had a nice talk about substance...with the updated language, it was easier for him to get into. Yours was very nicely updated and adapted.

~V.K. Wesley Chapel, NC

I have both the Awakened Alpha Chakra Suite and the Delta one by Dr. Jane Ma'ati Smith. I must say that these are definitely the best meditation tapes out there, and the most powerful, especially the Delta one! When you hear those sound wave frequencies gradually slow down and then stay at the Delta frequency combined with those ocean waves you can actually feel the energy being generated in your body!! It's amazing!! Highly recommended!!

~ O.J.F. Upper Marlboro,MD

The binaural beats on the stop smoking subliminal self hypnosis CD really seem to do something! I feel calmer, less preoccupied, more in the moment, and found that I did not have the urge to reach for a smoke as often, and that made it a LOT easier to quit! I will recommend your products to all my friends!

~ J.G. Portland, OR

After meditating with the Awakened Alpha Chakra Suite, I felt more open and balanced after the first session. I could feel the sound resonating in each chakra, clearing out the old, stuck energy and filling them up with tonal healing. Highly recommended!!!

~ L.A. San Francisco, CA

Thanks a MILLION for this fantastic wealth and prosperity download! I come from poverty, and certainly did not learn a "prosperity consciousness" from my parents, or anyone else. I have been "starting from scratch" all my life, but I finally feel like I have the ingredients for success! I feel rich already!

~ D.R. Detroit MI

A friend HIGHLY recommended the Deep Delta Chakra Suite, so I got the CD. OMG!!! I was not expecting what I got, which was ENERGY running all through my body, while in a REALLY DEEP trance!!! And every time I use it, it's a little different!! The binaural beats really seem to target the energy centers that need it the most, and sometimes it can be intense!!! I have been practicing yoga and meditation for years, and have NEVER experienced anything quite like this!!!

~ J.L. Sedona, AZ

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the ADHD programs! Who would have thought that a simple CD and a pair of headphones would do so much for my son..... it took a week or two of continued use to see a difference, but he gradually began to have calmer behavior and more focus. He likes it too, he says it "makes his brain feel good." Thanks, this is a good drug free option for kids with ADHD.

~ K.L. Miami, FL

I wanted to e-mail you that I am really enjoying the binaural beat HGH Beta Endorphin MP3 I downloaded two weeks ago. I would have though that a beta binaural beat frequency would stimulate thoughts, or make me hyper, but that's not true at all; when I use it, I feel focused, centered and calm, it is great to listen to on my iPod at my desk. And I am starting to look and feel younger, stronger with a calm energy, this is really worth the price many times over! Who would have thought an MP3 download would make such a positive difference in my life!

~ P.J. NY, NY

I wanted to report that after a month of use, I am "Feeling Good" with the subliminal self hypnosis MP3 for depression!! Between the kind and wise words of the hypnotic script, and the binaural beats in the background, I am feeling more optimistic and balanced. I also want to thank you guys for the ebooks included in the package with advise about vitamins and supplements useful for treating depression naturally, I am treating both my body and mind better, and it is showing results. I am not quite there yet, but I know I will be making an appointment soon, to talk with my doctor about getting off these pills. Yes, you can take your mental and emotional health back!! Thanks!!

~ K.T.P. Roanoke, VA

The test anxiety CD I got is working pretty good- whenever I start to feel nervous during a test, I remember the advise in the hypnotic script, and calm down and focus. Seems like the binaural beats are doing their thing too, I am more calm all the time now. The school year is almost over, and I am sure I will be up a grade point due to the test anxiety self hypnosis. I know I am not stupid, and this has helped me relax when I need to take a test.

~ J.T. Tulsa, OK

Hi Dr. Jane, I just want to say you are a Master of the art of the binaural beat! I have both Chakra CDs, and also both the HGH CDs, and I have to say, WoW! Your programs deliver what they promise! I am centered, balanced, full of a calm energy, feeling and looking younger, sleeping better, what more could I possibly ask for? Keep adding titles, and I will keep buying them! Namaste!

~ N.J. Austin TX

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Discover the benefits you can achieve using binaural beats and sound healing techniques utilizing Solfeggio and Chakra frequencies. Find out how our subliminal and self hypnosis programs can easily transform your life for the better.
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Make Quantum Leaps in Your Life
Learn the steps necessary for making Quantum Leaps in your life, and how our sound healing, subliminal and self hypnosis products can help to smooth the bumps on the road to your fulfillment.
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sound healing
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What is Therapeutic Sound Healing?

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Today's scientists are only now beginning to recognize what the ancient mystics and wise men have told us for thousands of years; that everything, including you, is in a perpetual state of vibration. The most elemental state of vibration is that of sound. All things have an optimum rate of vibration, and that rate is called resonance. When we are in resonance, we are in balance. One way to use sound in healing the body is to recognize that every cell, and every organ, absorbs and emits sound, and has a specific optimum resonate sound frequency. By exposing the body and brain to certain sound healing frequencies, they will begin to "resonate" with those sound healing freuqencies, much like a drum that begins to vibrate with the rythms around it.

Mental states and emotions also have certain resonant frequencies; this is the secret behind the transformational power of spiritual music and song, spoken prayers and chanted mantras. When exposed to a resonant sound healing frequency long enough, the body, mind and emotions will fall into sync; if you have ever been to a big concert or rave, you will understand the bodily feeling of being in tune with the sound. If you sing in a choir, or regularly meditate with spoken mantras, you will intuitively understand this, since you have directly experienced it. Sound therapy techniques and sound healing are useful to realigning the out of sync frequencies you may experience within you mind, emotions or body, by exposing you to the optimum sound healing frequencies for the changes you wish to make.

What Are The Solfeggio Frequencies?

These are the original sound frequencies used in Ancient Gregorian Chants. The chants and their special sound healing tones were believed to bring profound spiritual blessings, when sung in harmony during religious masses. I use the Solfeggio frequencies as the healing sound frequencies for many of my sound healing CDs, MP3s and videos.

The Six Solfeggio Frequencies include:

1. UT - 396 Hz - Liberating Guilt and Fear

2. RE - 417 Hz - Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change

3. MI - 528 Hz - Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair)

4. FA - 639 Hz - Connecting/Relationships

5. SOL - 741 Hz - Awakening Intuition

6. LA - 852 Hz - Returning to Spiritual Order

The Solfeggio sound healing frequencies are believed to have many psychological, emotional, spiritual and physical healing benefits. For instnace, Solfeggio frequency 528 Hz, relates to the note MI on the Western musical scale. It is derived from the phrase "MI-ra gestorum", which in Latin, means "miracle." Perhaps it is not coincidence, but this is the exact sound frequency used by genetic scientists to repair broken DNA, which is the genetic blueprint upon which all life is based!

What Are The Chakra Healing Sounds?

Chakra is a Sanskrit Hindu word meaning, "spinning wheel of energy". These are energy centers within our bodies, that receive and transmit energy. Each Chakra is located at a major endocrine gland and a nerve plexus within the body. Each Chakra is connected and associated with different parts of the body, as well as with different thoughts, emotions and spiritual states. There are seven major Chakras. Each major chakra has a primary color, and different gem stones and crystals can be associated with the Chakras, as well as different healing sound frequencies. chakra healing sound frequencies

Understanding and utilizing the energy of your chakras can promote emotional, spiritual and physical healing. It seems an "East meets West" coincidence, that on some scales, the Solfeggio frequencies correspond to the Chakra tones, with the Crown Chakra vibrating at 960 Hz. The subliminal and self hypnosis sound healing programs on this website use the various Chakra tones associated with the issues addressed in the program to help heal body, mind and soul.

The Root Chakra is located at the base of the spine. It is nearest to the Earth, and can be utilized for grounding. It controls your physical vitality, your ‘fight or flight’ response, survival instincts, and the emotions of desire, anger, jealousy and greed. The Root Chakra governs the lessons of the material world, such as survival, and stores information involving your family belief systems and loyalty, you ability to defend yourself, instincts, superstition, physical pain and pleasure. Your sense of safety, self esteem and security are also based here. An imbalance of the First Chakra may show as a loss of interest in the real world, practical survival, obsessions, addictions, volatile emotions, restlessness, selfishness and a lack of energy.

The Navel Chakra is located just below the navel. It is also known as the Second or Sacral Chakra. In Martial Arts, the second Chakra is also called the “Hara”. It represents your creativity, sexuality, pleasures and frustrations. The Second Chakra governs life lessons involving blame and guilt, manifesting, prosperity, sex, power and control, it is the basis of you creativity, and your sense of morality. Information stored in the Sacral Chakra involves feelings of seperation, personal magnetism, your patterns of sociability, control and emotions. An imbalance in the Second Chakra may be experienced as drug or alcohol addiction, eating disorders, depression, and intimacy issues, such as impotence and frigidity.

The Solar Plexus Chakra is at the center of your solar plexus. Emotional memories are stored there, and it is where your gut feeling comes from. It is the center of your emotional life, many of us are instinctively connected to our environment with this chakra. The Solar Plexus, or Third Chakra, rules life lessons concerning self esteem, fear of rejection, oversensitivity to criticism, and a distorted self image. Information stored in the Third Chakra includes personal power, personality, your sense of knowing’ and belonging. An imbalance of the Third Chakra might show itself as difficulty concentrating, inability to make decisions, misjdging situations, feelings that you are more important, or less important, than other people, and difficulty taking action and getting things done.

The Heart Chakra is in the heart. It is the seat of empathy, unconditional love, tolerance, compassion and forgiveness. It is the center of the soul. The Heart Chakra, governs lessons of love and compassion, self acceptance, inspiration, hope, generosity, and on a negative manifestation, as feelings of hate, despair, fear, jealousy, and anger. The Heart Chakra is the connection of "heart strings" to those we love. An imbalance of the Heart Chakra can be felt as loss of self discipline, difficult relationships, living vicariously through others, and depending on others for your happiness.

The Throat Chakra is located in the throat at the thyroid gland. This is the chakra of communication and self expression. The Throat or Fifth Chakra, concerns lessons of speaking one’s truth, spoken and written creativity, faith, decisiveness and will power. On the opposite, the need to criticize, indecisiveness, and a lack of authority manifest in the Fifth chakra. Information stored in the Fifth Chakra includes self knowledge and truth, and the senses of hearing, taste, and smell. An imbalance of the Throat Chakra can manifest as difficult self expression, learning disabilities, lying, fear, and doubt.

The Brow Chakra is located in the center of the brain, and is also known as the Third Eye. This chakra concerns your spiritual direction, growth and wisdom. It is the home of your dreams, inner vision, and spiritual life. Life lessons of the Brow Chakra include understanding, detachment, open mindedness, your intuition, insights, and development of psychic ability. Self realization, and releasing repressed negative thinking also concern the Brow chakra. The information stored in the Third Eye include seeing clearly, metaphorically or literally, wisdom, intellect and intuition. An imbalanced Brow Chakra may be experienced as a learning disability, coordination problems, or sleep disorders.

The Crown Chakra is located at the crown of the head. It balances the outer and inner person, and is the connection to our higher self. It is how we receive divine guidance, wisdom and purpose. Lessons learned through the Seventh Chakra are intuition, spirituality, integration of the Self, and the ability to see the big picture, inspiration, trust, ethics, selflessness, and humanitarian. The information of the Crown Chakra includes the connection to Divinity, life’s purpose, past lives, and Immortality. An imbalance of the Seventh Chakra may be experienced as a loss of meaning, lack of purpose, mental illness, and senility.

Tibetan Singing Bowls

tibetan singing bowls for tibetan sound healing

In Tibetan Buddhism, singing bowls are used in meditation and prayer. Singing bowls in Tibet are the subject of many stories. Some claim they were used for meditation, while others claim they were magical instruments, used for the transformation of matter and self. I believe both, and that is why I often use Tibetan Singing Bowls to produce the transformative sound healing audio programs. The natural sound healing quality is unmatched for inducing a hypnotic state. By using tibetan singing bowls tuned to the Chakras, we can create near magical transformations of the body, mind and soul.

Traditional Tibetan Singing bowls were made out of the Seven Alchemical Metals, which correspond to:

  • Lead - Saturn - 1st Chakra
  • Iron - Mars - 2nd Chakra
  • Tin - Jupiter - 3rd Chakra
  • Gold - Sun - 4th Chakra
  • Copper - Venus - 5th Chakra
  • Silver - Moon - 6th Chakra
  • Mercury - Mercury - 7th Chakra
  • There seems to be a theme running through this, the healing power of sound, and the Chakras! I hope you enjoy using my sound healing CDs, MP3s and videos as much as I enjoy producing them!

    Binaural Beats in Sound Therapy

    binaural beat subliminal self hypnosis works with only headphones If you play two different tones into each ear, the brain will attempt to find a balance. For example, if the sound frequency in your left ear is 380 Hz, and the sound frequency in your right ear is 390 Hz, your brain will create a binaural beat of 10Hz. These binaural beats are not actually heard in the usual sense, since they are well below the natural range of human hearing, but you can often "hear" the binaural beat as a sort of "hum" inside your head.

    It has been discovered, binaural beats can be successfully used to elicit responses within the brain. The brain becomes "entrained", which means it will start to resonate at the same sound frequency as the binaural beat. This can change the brain wave patterns in your brain temporarily, and has been shown to have a huge effect; binaural beats are extremely effective at inducing hypnotic and meditative states. This is a great breakthrough for anyone who has wanted to learn to meditate, but did not have the time or the teacher for formal training. Binaual beat meditation can also be more effective than traditional meditation, because of the binaural beats. Binaural beats can reduce stress, calm your thoughts, reduce the amount of sleep you need, and can increase intuition, intelligence and creativity.

    Brain Wave States

    Scientists have learned our brains operate at five levels of frequency; gamma, beta, alpha, theta and delta. Each level of frequency is measured in cycles per second, or hertz.

    Gamma has the highest frequency, at 40 cycles per second and above. Advanced meditation and yoga practices associate the Gamma brainwave frequency with a state of pure compassion. Researchers have also learned the Gamma brainwave frequency is associated with a heightened sense of perception, information processing and mood.

    Beta has the next highest frequency, between 13 and 40 cycles per second. This brainwave frequency is associated with our everyday, normal waking state. Beta helps in logical thinking, active attention and analysis. Stress and anxiety can often throw the frequency to the higher brainwave frequencies of Beta.

    Alpha operates between 8 and 13 cycles per second. This brainwave frequency occurs during day dreaming, fantasizing and creative visualization. This brainwave frequency is often associated with a deeply relaxed state, and with light trance or meditation.

    Theta operates between 4 and 8 cycles per second. Theta is associated with intuition, and allows us to access our subconscious. It is activated during dream sleep and deep meditational states. The Theta brainwave frequency is also associated with creative thinking, allowing us to tap into our inner genius.

    Delta has the lowest brainwave frequency between 0.5 and 4 cycles per second. Delta is produced during deep sleep.

    binaural beats brain wave states used in subliminal self hypnosis

    Using binaural beats can:

  • Easily and safely bring you to a state of deep meditation.

  • Stimulate new neural pathways between the right and left hemispheres of the brain, building a high performance state called whole brain functioning.

  • Dramatically improve your ability to learn, intuition, memory, creativity, focus, concentrate, and think more clearly.

  • Create quantum leaps in your personal growth and self awareness.

  • Significantly calm your thoughts and lower your stress levels.

  • Improve your mental and emotional health, even in areas that have stubbornly resisted change with other methods.

  • Dramatically increase the production of essential brain chemicals related to longevity, well-being, and the quality of your life.
  • Most of the binaural beat self hypnosis and subliminal programs sold on this website go to a low frequency of 7.83. This is known as the Shummann or Earth Resonance, and it is the frequency of the Earth's magnetic field. As a brainwave frequency, it is also on the cusp between the Alpha and Theta brain wave frequencies. I have found the Earth Resonance to be a very beneficial brainwave entrainment frequency, leaving the listener feeling calm and centered. Most of our binaural beat brainwave entrainment programs will ramp back up to a frequency of approximately 12 Hz, leaving the listener on the cusp between Alpha and Beta brainwave frequencies. Some binaural beat brainwave entrainment programs differ, with binaural beats going to deeper, Delta brainwave states, and this will be noted in the descriptions.

    Additional Sound Therapy Modalities
    Not all sound healing programs offered on this website are Binaural; some are Monaural, which means they do not require headphones. There is a an obvious advantage to that, and some of the programs are suitable for use as an "Ambient" background, to help reduce stress, increase energy and more. The Ambient sleep programs have an obvious advantage; you can play them on your stereo or boombox, without the inconvenience or discomfort of headphones, and drift off into a comfortable sleep. Many of these programs require you to lay down, close your eyes, and relax into the sound. If you have trouble letting go and relaxing, or have a lot of distractions in your environment, then a binaural beat program requiring headphones might do the trick.... it formalizes or ritualizes the process, physically cutting off the outside world, and creating more of an inner environment. It's up to you, try both!

  • There is a CAUTION.... if you suffer from a seizure disorder, or a serious mental illness such as pschizophenia or a psychotic disorder, or have had a head injury or brain trauma, we advise you to NOT use binaural beat or sound therapy programs. But for the majority of people, these programs are safe. Always use common sense; don't drive, use heavy machinery, cook, or do anything potentially dangerous and requiring your full attention while using ANY self hypnosis, subliminal, sound therapy or binaural beat program, and if you feel your symptoms worsening, or feel very uncomfortable, discontinue use.
  • For live, independant, professional counseling, 24/7, click here.

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