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binaural beat brainwave entrainment
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quantum consciousness the benefits of subliminal self hypnosis binaural beat MP3s & CDs
The Benefits of Our Programs
Discover the benefits you can achieve with binaural beats and sound therapy techniques using Solfeggio and Chakra frequencies. Find out how our subliminal and self hypnosis programs can easily transform your life for the better.
the benefits of binaural beat subliminal self hypnosis MP3s & CDs
quantum consciousness
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Frequently Asked Questions
Browse our FAQ for information about our payment options, shipping, download formats, and troubleshooting tips. Also links to informative pages all about binaural beats, self hypnosis, subliminal suggestions and therapeutic sound.
binaural beat subliminal self hypnosis FAQ
quantum consciousness
quantum consciousness make Quantum Leaps with binaural beat subliminal self hypnosis CDs & MP3s
Make Quantum Leaps in Your Life
Learn the steps necessary for making Quantum Leaps in your life, and how our sound healing, subliminal and self hypnosis products can help to smooth the bumps on the road to your fulfillment.
make Quantum Leaps with binaural beat subliminal self hypnosis CDs & MP3s
quantum consciousness
quantum consciousness Making Quantum Leaps in Your Life.

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Quantum field theory suggests that our physical world, at its most fundamental level, is actually a limitless sea of Energy called the "Quantum Vacuum." (In Eastern philosophies, this energy is known as "Prana", "Chi" or "Kundalini".) This sea of Energy is seething with potential for all manner of material manifestation. This all pervasive field of Quantum Energy is the same Vibration that has been recognized by Mystics throughout the ages as our own deepest self, or our consciousness.

The implication is, that each of us has the potential to affect the world directly, at its most fundamental level, through the power of our Quantum Consciousness. If we understand that the Universe is a Quantum Sea of Possibilities, then we can learn to bring more desirable possibilities into our existence, with nothing more than our conscious intention. And when we are "in tune" with the "waves" in this Quantum Sea of Possibilities, our conscious intention can create that much more quickly and easily.

The first step in Quantum Consciousness is to train your mind to see beyond the immediate and obvious limitations. Learn to think big, and avoid creating barriers between you, and that which you would like imagine is possible. You must learn to "Think beyond what common sense would allow." Self Hypnosis and Subliminal programming can be key to this step in the process.

One of the most biggest barriers to consistently achieving Quantum Leaps is the desire for instant gratification. Most of the best things in life are not instant or quick fixes. Attaining the best usually requires effort, for which the results are delayed... but spectacular when finally achieved! (The results of binaural beats, sound healing and hypnotic and subliminal suggestions are cummulative, meaning the benefits build over time.)

As much as we want the results of a Quantum Consciousness Leap, we often fear the actions we need to take. And the desire for Quantum results often create Quantum fears. To be a Quantum Consciousness achiever, you must be able to distinguish between the fear of real risks, from False Evidence Appearing Real. (Self hypnosis programs can literally be a "reassuring voice" to soothe your fears).

Be ready to take action... the world is full of dreamers with excuses why they didn't achieve their dreams. Preparing your mind is the first step, but you must eventually step out into the real world, and start taking the steps, and implementing your plans to make your dreams come true. You can do it!

Learn to accept the bumps in the road. No one can completely avoid difficulties, and because we can't walk in anyone else's the shoes, it only seems that others have it easy. But really, no one has it easy. Some people manage to make their road smoother, by learning to deal more effectively with life's bumps, and, the truly Quantum achiever can channel adversity into positive experiences. Our books audio and video programs can help you on your path.

The people you associate with have an enormous impact on your life. Make the conscious choice to surround yourself with people who are positive thinkers, and seek out relationships with those achieving real success in any field. You can learn from them! And most of all, avoid those who cause you to doubt yourself, who suffer from jealousy, want to hold you back, or put you down in order to put themselves up.

Our sound healing, subliminal and self hypnosis CDs and MP3s can help get you "in tune" with the Quantum Waves of Possibility, through the magic of binuaral beats, Solfeggio and Chakra frequencies, subliminal and hypnotic suggestions, and the inherant belief that you can achieve anything you set your mind to!

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